Seamless Vision

our vision is to empower people by solving daily challenges, freeing them to focus on what truly matters.

Our vision is to empower people by harnessing the power of autonomous micro-mobility platforms to solve daily challenges, freeing them to focus on what truly matters.


our autonomous logistics infrastructure is an end-to-end solution aimed to give Healthcare Systems the ability to manage all intra-logistics operations.

it includes our own multi-purpose autonomous platforms, our unique operations management system and a simple and intuitive user application.

giving them real-time insight and allowing them to reduce costs, boost up productivity and free up valuable time and resources for better quality of care.


Applicable for:


our fully autonomous multi-purpose platforms paired with the power of AI enable a seamless navigation in both indoor and outdoor human dense environments.
coupled with our unique operation management system capable of managing all intra-logistics workloads in the Hospital.


founded in 2017, inspired by the founder’s great-grandfather who lost his eyesight at a later age, the need to apply innovation for the guidance of visually impaired people became obvious - the idea of Seamless Vision was born.
Today we are focusing on Hospitals we are bringing our autonomous navigation technology as an end-to-end solution to deal with the challenges they have.

Team & Founders

Amir Nardimon

Founder & CEO

Omer Waxman

Co-Founder & VP R&D

Eyal Baroz

Co-Founder & Board Member

Izhar Cohen

Co-Founder & Advisor

Dr. Pavlo Kolomiets

Senior Computer
Vision & AI Engineer

Michael Prujan

Senior Platform

Amir Nardimon

Senior Product

Amir Nardimon


Amir Nardimon

Senior Full
Stack Engineer

Advisory Board

Eitan Kyiet

Nati Gilboa

Ofir Koren

Dr. Asaf Tzachor

Izik Ben David

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Intel Ingenuity Partner Program


Inception Program


Innovation Center


Toyota Startup Awards

Contact Us

Dvora Hanevia 121, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.

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